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... is this place just for canon? Because, if not, I have a timid hufflepuff for you to tear apart ;).

Oh, yes. Koneko here, btw.

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What do you think the Americas are like in the Potterverse? Rowling doesn't mention much of anything about them (not that I thnk she ought to - Potter is Brittish, it should stay Brittish, and I nearly got lynched when someone took the question as somehow advocating that she should, for some gawdawful reason "write America in"), but, since I live here ( a couple hours from Salem Mass), I tend to wonder.

I figure here, there is a lot more overlap between the magic using and non magic using world, and the fact that people who don't use (I can't imagine Americans using the term "muggle" any more than "snog," except in an Austin Powers sort of way) magic are dead set on not believing it exists (along with the fact that the witch trials and Cotton Mather and the like would convince the magic using population to keep a low profile) to keep the general mundae population from knowing that anything funky is up.

I suspect also, that there is a lot less of a cohesive society, since North American magicians are going to be a lot more heterogeneous in culture, practice, style, etc, and probably will have been on different sides of a lot of different feuds and fights. What's going on in Brittain right now with Voldemort and the death eaters was probably common in America for a long time. ("You think that's bad, you should have been in Utah in the 1830's when the Mormons wer bucking for independence...")

As a consequence, we probably wouldn't have 1/10th the society or infrastructure that magicians in Europe, Africa and Asia have.

I guess there is a good chance it would play out like Ted Naifeths Courtney Crumrin comics (which are highly recommended). Has anyone else here read them?

In any case, I'm curious to know what you all think, unless you think the question was inappropriate. (Moderator, please advise).
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If you're wondering who the muggle that decided to come visit you in St. Mungos was (off vg_ford's latest post) that was me.

You guys are having a lot more fun than poor Neville, and you were wandering around in watermelon territory, so why not? Neville is my favorite, but he's sweet and shy, and the fool you got to write him is fiesty and aggressive. Feel free to ignore.

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Ok, well, this is OOC...

I can't wait until Tonks stops being Emo. She's my favorite character, and I hate blogging her like this. Perhaps I'll get her drunk on muggle beer.

Of course in this state she'd probably be even more Emo when she was drunk.

Oh well, this stage will be over soon enough.

^_^ Anyway, in case anyone was wondering about the person writing the journal (I know I'm wondering about you guys), Onyx told be about this, (she knows how much of a fangirl freak I am about HP), I'm 15, and Tonks and Dumbledore are my favorite characters. I thought Wormtail was going to die in book six. A whole elaborate theory, crushed. *sigh*

I have a friend I told about this who wanted to do Luna, but then, I guess Luna is taken? Maybe she can be someone else. ^_^ Someone really needs to blog Fudge.

Anyway, sorry if this is too chatty for anyone else's taste, but it is OOC so I'm going Out Of Character and being myself. Myself is chatty, at the moment.

~ Pepper
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Well, I am frankly disgusted by Professor McGonagall's uncharacteristic openness about her undergarment choices. I prefer to not ever think of my teachers as wearing things as...well...never mind.

I also notice that most of my family is participating in this journaling experience but none of them have seen fit to acknowledge my presence. Hello Father, Fred, George, Ginevra. I hope all of you are well. Please give my best to Mother.

Well, It's imperative that I leave now. I have to prepare for a date business dinner.

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I found some ppl on IRC to do Neville (neville_diary) and Luna (snorkack_fan)!

Also, someone wants to do Trelawney but can't make an account until later on, so can we reserve her?

And an unrelated question: Anyone care to tell me stuff pertaining to Arthur's new job? Especially who he works with and what they're like.
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