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oh, yeah, Lucius

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If you're wondering who the muggle that decided to come visit you in St. Mungos was (off vg_ford's latest post) that was me.

You guys are having a lot more fun than poor Neville, and you were wandering around in watermelon territory, so why not? Neville is my favorite, but he's sweet and shy, and the fool you got to write him is fiesty and aggressive. Feel free to ignore.

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On January 22nd, 2006 01:00 am (UTC), luciussnarks commented:
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This whole thing started with a few of us talking about creating mock HP journals and BAM! it just took off and became a kind of RPG without dice. I think of it more as a collab with ongoing storylines that occasionally touch each other and it's fun to coordinate it all and think of new 'scenes' to write.

I haven't met the 'real' watermelon yet so hello and welcome! I'm barlidoc when I'm not Lucius and I'm way to old for this but too nuts to care.
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