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Here's a question that got me into trouble when I asked it on my own LJ, but...

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What do you think the Americas are like in the Potterverse? Rowling doesn't mention much of anything about them (not that I thnk she ought to - Potter is Brittish, it should stay Brittish, and I nearly got lynched when someone took the question as somehow advocating that she should, for some gawdawful reason "write America in"), but, since I live here ( a couple hours from Salem Mass), I tend to wonder.

I figure here, there is a lot more overlap between the magic using and non magic using world, and the fact that people who don't use (I can't imagine Americans using the term "muggle" any more than "snog," except in an Austin Powers sort of way) magic are dead set on not believing it exists (along with the fact that the witch trials and Cotton Mather and the like would convince the magic using population to keep a low profile) to keep the general mundae population from knowing that anything funky is up.

I suspect also, that there is a lot less of a cohesive society, since North American magicians are going to be a lot more heterogeneous in culture, practice, style, etc, and probably will have been on different sides of a lot of different feuds and fights. What's going on in Brittain right now with Voldemort and the death eaters was probably common in America for a long time. ("You think that's bad, you should have been in Utah in the 1830's when the Mormons wer bucking for independence...")

As a consequence, we probably wouldn't have 1/10th the society or infrastructure that magicians in Europe, Africa and Asia have.

I guess there is a good chance it would play out like Ted Naifeths Courtney Crumrin comics (which are highly recommended). Has anyone else here read them?

In any case, I'm curious to know what you all think, unless you think the question was inappropriate. (Moderator, please advise).
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On January 23rd, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC), hermione_diary commented:
That really is a good question. I'd second Lucius - probably an entire government department, with it's fingers in all sorts of pies. I can imagine that, like the PM does, the President has one aide/SS guard that is a wizard.

Hmm, a trip to America? count me in!
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