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Family and Friends

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Well, I am frankly disgusted by Professor McGonagall's uncharacteristic openness about her undergarment choices. I prefer to not ever think of my teachers as wearing things as...well...never mind.

I also notice that most of my family is participating in this journaling experience but none of them have seen fit to acknowledge my presence. Hello Father, Fred, George, Ginevra. I hope all of you are well. Please give my best to Mother.

Well, It's imperative that I leave now. I have to prepare for a date business dinner.

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On January 11th, 2006 04:26 am (UTC), p_m_mcgonagall commented:
Well, it appears that the charm Professor Flitwick helped me protect my entries with has made some interesting substitutions with text, in particular on this post.

I suppose I should speak to him about that, although I'm finding it all rather amusing...
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